Hokusai – Block Prints

Choose a design.  Children can scratch over a pre-printed design or make their own up.

Scratch design into a small round Styrofoam plate.  All scratched areas will remain white once printed.  Also if children want to print a word it will appear backwards when imprinted on paper.

Once design is scratched into the Styrofoam take a brayer and dip it in an ink well.  Roll brayer across Styrofoam spreading the ink over the design.  Make sure the layer of ink is smooth and thin.

Or, instead of ink and brayer, use paint and a paint brush.  A foam brush will work.  Move brush across plate with a thin layer of paint.  Trying NOT to put too much paint on because you don’t want it to get into the scratch marks.  (This is how the picture shown was completed.)

Carefully turning plate over stamp 3 consecutive times in a row.  Press plate on paper LIGHTLY each time.  You don’t want to press hard on the first one because you’ll give up most of your paint.

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