Pablo Picasso – Double Take Portrait


  1. Draw the front view shape of a person’s head on a piece of construction paper.  Use a black crayon or pastel.
  2. Draw either a right or a profile view (side view) down the middle of the face.
  3. Draw the front view of an eye on the front view side.  Draw a side view of an eye on the profile side.  Or, go wild and change the shape and placement of each eye.  Maybe you’ll put one near the forehead and the other closer to the nose.
  4. Draw the mouth.  Change its normal shape and size.  You can even make one side smiling and the other side frowning.
  5. Make a crazy hairstyle.  Draw each hair to show its direction.
  6. Outline every line with a black oil pastel or crayon.  This will make the features stand out.
  7. Color in all the parts of the face, skin and hair.  Color each side of the face a different color.
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