Vincent Van Gogh – Patchwork Flowers in a Vase


This project idea is from Original Works, which is a fundraising company.  The class that worked on this had a great time working on the project and each piece turned out unique.  The samples above are from students that worked on this project.

Supplies: heavy white paper, crayons, colored construction paper, scissors, glue, fine tip black marker, pencil.

1.  On a piece of 8.5 x 11 inch heavy white paper, have the children draw a horizontal line on third of the way up from the bottom of the paper.  If the original line is made in pencil have the chidren follow up and trace it with a black marker.   The paper should be in the letter, or vertical, direction.

2. In the lower section of the paper have the children create a checkerboard tablecloth effect by drawing squares.  Start by adding vertical lines across the lower section.  Finish by adding horizontal line(s).   If they are beginning this in pencil have them follow up with the black marker by tracing the lines they have just created.

3. Next have the children draw a vase on the table.  The bottom of the vase should “dip” a bit onto the table.  This makes the vase appear to be sitting on the table.  (Don’t worry about a line showing through – it will be covered by construction paper).

4. Create the look of wallpaper by drawing wavy lines from the top of your page to the edge of the tablecloth.  Be careful to work around your vase. 

5. Using crayons, PRESSING HARD, color the tablecloth.  Create an “every other” checked pattern.

6. Cut multi-colored squares from the construction paper.  Glue onto the vase creating a mosaic appearance. (For the vase you may want to have precut squares of construction paper for the children to choose from so they can work on placement of the squares rather than cutting them all out).

7. Tear larger shapes from the constrution paper to glue above and around the vase.  These shapes will represent your flowers.

8. With a fine tip black marker, add swirls and loops inside the flower shapes to create the look of petals.  Add stems with the black marker.

9.  Sign your name (and the year, if you wish) with black marker or crayon.

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