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Claude Monet – Coffee Filter Water Lilly

Supplies:  Paper, watercolors, water, brushes, green lilly pads.

On a piece of white construction paper, cardstock or watercolor paper paint the entire surface using blue, green and yellow.  This is the water.

Place a pre cut green pad on the paper.  Glue it down.  Either one large one or a few smaller ones.

Paint coffee filter(s) in pretty colors with a different color in the center.  Glue on the page.  If they are not too wet or once they dry the coffee filter can be crunched up like a flower.

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Claude Monet – Bridge at Giverny


Have children draw a bridge in pencil across the page.  Like those in the pictures above.

Draw a water way underneath the bridge.

With watercolors add water under the bridge.

Add watercolor in green to the sides of the water.

Add little flowers in the water and in the greenery with tempura paint and q-tips.

Finish by painting the bridge in gray tempera paint with a thin paint brush.

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Claude Monet – Crayon Resist Watercolor Lillies


White card stock or watercolor paper will work best for this project.

Start with a yellow crayon.  Draw about 3 lillies on the page in different locations.

Use a green crayon to draw the pads underneath the lillies.  Ovals will work fine.

Add little orange centers to the flowers.

Encourage children to draw heavy and not lightly with thier crayons.  This will help the crayons color come through once painted.

Using watercolors in blue, green, and yellow, paint the entire background of the page.

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Claude Monet – Water Lillies


Using white card stock paint the entire background for the water.  Blue, green and yellow work best for water.

Have green oval shapes of paper to be glued on the paper.

Using white tempera paint and their fingers they can make small lillies on each pad.

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Claude Monet – Fist Full of Water Lillies

Paint on white card stock or watercolor paper.
Paint blue, green, yellow all over the page.  This represents the water.

Using green tempura paint use the side of a fist (area along the pinky side) to stamp in paint.  Stamp in different locations on the paper.

Using a fingertip add white lillies on the green pads.

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