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Dale Chihuly – Colorful Ornaments


Supplies:  Glass or Plastic Ornament, 2 or 3 colors of acrylic paint, paper cups.

Before project day, rinse the inside of ornaments with a mixture of 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar.  Rinse ornaments with clean water and let dry thoroughly (at least 24 hours).

Drizzle three separate stripes (1 for each paint color) down the inside of the ornament.  Place ornament on a paper cup and rotate every few minutes until paint has completely covered the inside surface.  Only a few drops of each paint color are needed.  (Using a medicine dropper works well.  Or, cut a straw and use the tip to get paint in the ornament.)

Turn ornament upside down into cup to drain excess paint for 24 hours.  Let dry 5 days.  The ornament will continue to marbleize as paint dries.

Some nice color combinations are:
Red and Gold and Pale Gold Gleams

Blue, Pearl and Silver Gleams

Green, Dark Red and Gold Gleam.

Gleams are acrylic paints that gleam with a metallic or pearlized sheen when dry.

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Dale Chihuly – Plates of Color


Purchase appetizer size clear plastic plates.

Have an adult pre-drill a small hole toward the top of each plate so that it can hang if desired.

Have an assortment of primary colored acrylic paint. About 3 colors work best.  Acrylic paint will stain so bests to wear smocks.

Let the children have fun painting their own masterpiece.  Try not to have the paint overlap too much.  It will start to look muddy if this happens.

Let plates dry before putting string in for hanging.


Select 3 or 4 colors for the color palatte.

Place a drop of acrylic paint on the plate and add a SMALL drop of water to slightly dilute.

Keep plate flat on surface of desk and use a straw to blow and spread the paint around.

Repeat with next color until surface of plate is filled with a glass blown design.

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