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Vincent Van Gogh – Patchwork Flowers in a Vase


This project idea is from Original Works, which is a fundraising company.  The class that worked on this had a great time working on the project and each piece turned out unique.  The samples above are from students that worked on this project.

Supplies: heavy white paper, crayons, colored construction paper, scissors, glue, fine tip black marker, pencil.

1.  On a piece of 8.5 x 11 inch heavy white paper, have the children draw a horizontal line on third of the way up from the bottom of the paper.  If the original line is made in pencil have the chidren follow up and trace it with a black marker.   The paper should be in the letter, or vertical, direction.

2. In the lower section of the paper have the children create a checkerboard tablecloth effect by drawing squares.  Start by adding vertical lines across the lower section.  Finish by adding horizontal line(s).   If they are beginning this in pencil have them follow up with the black marker by tracing the lines they have just created.

3. Next have the children draw a vase on the table.  The bottom of the vase should “dip” a bit onto the table.  This makes the vase appear to be sitting on the table.  (Don’t worry about a line showing through – it will be covered by construction paper).

4. Create the look of wallpaper by drawing wavy lines from the top of your page to the edge of the tablecloth.  Be careful to work around your vase. 

5. Using crayons, PRESSING HARD, color the tablecloth.  Create an “every other” checked pattern.

6. Cut multi-colored squares from the construction paper.  Glue onto the vase creating a mosaic appearance. (For the vase you may want to have precut squares of construction paper for the children to choose from so they can work on placement of the squares rather than cutting them all out).

7. Tear larger shapes from the constrution paper to glue above and around the vase.  These shapes will represent your flowers.

8. With a fine tip black marker, add swirls and loops inside the flower shapes to create the look of petals.  Add stems with the black marker.

9.  Sign your name (and the year, if you wish) with black marker or crayon.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Sunflower Fields on a Sunny Day


A nice simple project focusing on Van Gogh’s movement in Starry Night while capturing the look of sunflowers that he is so famous for.  It becomes more of a Sunflowers on a Sunny Day picture.

Supplies:  Heavy Light Blue Paper, Oil Pastels, Pencil

1. Start with a piece of heavy light blue paper.  If this is unavailable regular construction paper will work.  In the horizontal position draw a line one third the way across the paper.  This is the horizon line.

2. Using a yellow oil pastel draw small circles all over the bottom portion of the paper.  This will begin the field of sunflowers.  Next, add orange oil pastel in circular motions to the yellow sunflowers just made.  The orange with help give the flowers dimension.  Finis up each flower by adding a brown center with a brown oil pastel.

3. Create the sun by starting with a large yellow circle in the top right corner of the page.  Add orange using circular motions.  Heavier orange on the outer part of the sun and more yellow toward the center of the sun.

4. Using different shades of blue oil pastels if available create swirls that fill the sky.  Finish with some white swirls in the sky.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Fingerprint Painted Sunflowers in a Vase



Supplies: light blue background paper, vase shapes out of construction paper, paper for the “tabletop”, crayons, pencil, stick glue or double stick tape, plastic forks, tempera paint in orange, yellow, green, and white

  1. Have the children assemble their table placement and the vase using either the double stick tape or stick glue to place them permanently done.  Using their pencil the children should decide where they want to place three flowers around the page.  Advise them to space the flowers out around the page so they are not all in a row or right next to each
    other.  The space around them will be filled in.
  2. Using a brown crayon fill in the center of each flower by pressing hard with the crayon.  This is the center of the sunflowers.
  3. In these examples the children used a plastic fork to make “x” marks all around the center of the flower.
  4. Using their thumb or index finger dip the finger in yellow paint and dap around every flower, reloading paint onto the finger as needed.
  5. Next do the same thing with the orange paint.
  6. By dipping their finger in green paint and either white or a pre-mixed lighter green paint at the same time they can dab “leaves” all around and empty spots.  Fill in any center area with the green leaves.
  7. With any time remaining children can use crayons to decorate the vase, table and background.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Oil Pastel Flowers in a Vase


Supplies:  Pencil, fine tip black marker, oil pastels

  1. Have children draw a table below the half mark of the page.
  2. Draw a vase on the table a little below the line of the table.
  3. Draw about three flowers around the page.  This can be whatever pattern or design of flowers that the children want them to be.
  4. Trace the flowers, front of the vase, and table (not going through the vase) in black fine tip marker.
  5. Color in as desired and adding a checkerboard patter to the table.


Supplies:  Pencil, fine tip black marker, oil pastels, precut tabletops, precut vase shapes to choose from, glue stick.

Have tabletops and vases precut and have the children assemble them.  Continue where #3 begins above for the remainder of the project.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night Hand Print using Oil Pastels


This is a fun one derived from Van Gogh Starry Night.

Supplies: pencil, blue paper, oil pastels, fine tip black marker.

Start with light blue paper.

Have children trace their own closed hand onto the paper on the left side of the paper.

Next draw a city along the bottom of the page.  This can be simple rectangular buildings in different heights with triangles on top of a few of the buildings to represent a roof.

Draw a hill going along the page from the bottom right to the upper left.  The hill should remain below the bottom half of the page.

Add a moon in the top right corner and about five stars in the sky.

Trace all this that has been completed in pencil with a fine tip black marker.

Start coloring in the moon and stars with yellow oil pastel.  Add orange oil pastel around the moon and stars.

Fill in the sky with white and blue oil pastels in swirl motions.

Color in the hill and buildings.

Finish by coloring in the hand in green and brown using vertical motions.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Freestyle Painted Flowers in a Vase


Supplies:  Tempera Paint, Brushes, Water for cleaning brushes, Paper Towels for drying off brushes, Light Blue Paper for background.

Using bright colors of tempera paint children were allowed to paint a vase full of flowers freely.

They turned out bright and cheery.

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Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night Tempera Paint

Supplies:  Outlined copy of Starry Night, tempera paint, thin paint brushes, water cups for cleaning brushes, paper towels for drying brushes.

Give children an outlined copy of Van Gogh’s Starry Night on cardstock paper.

Use tempera paint on the picture.

Encourage swirl motions like in Van Gogh’s work.

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