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Walt Disney – Pinocchio


Have cut outs of Pinocchio body parts.

Let the children figure out how they go together.

Use tack buttons to connect all the pieces.

Let the children decorate Pinocchio.

Add string and connect to a handle which can be made from sticks or paint stirrers.

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Walt Disney – Drawing Mickey

Using a pencil:

On a piece of white paper use two different sized plates or something else circular.

Place the larger plate in the center and trace it.

Place the smaller plate where the ears are located and trace it twice.

Walk the children through the facial features.

Once complete trace everything in black marker.

Color in the ears and hair line area.


Have pictures of Disney characters.

Using transparency paper, trace the characters with permanent black marker.

Color in using permanent markers.

Place over a different sheet of white paper and glue or tape the transparency down so it is more visible.


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Walt Disney – Film Strip Disney Characters

Use transparency paper.

Trace a Disney Character.

Use permanent markers to color the character.

Glue or tape black strips or paper on the top and bottom of the transparency.

Glue white strips of paper along the top of the black paper.


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Walt Disney – A Day at the Beach with Mickey


Draw a sunny day at the beach scene on light blue paper.

Color the scene.

Color Disney characters and glue onto the beach scene.  Or use double stick tape.

Place finished blue beach scene in a gallon size slide Ziploc bag.

Add a couple scoops of blue sand and a couple scoops of white sand to the Ziploc bag.  Zip it closed.  (Add more white then blue so it looks like the ocean water.)

You can end here or add some light brown paper to the bottom of the ziploc bag with another beach character playing on the sand.  Use double stick tape to keep this down.

Children can see movement like a scene in a movie by moving the Ziploc bag up and down.  The water moves like an ocean.


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